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Once an entry video has been received and found to meet basic eligibility requirements, per the Contest Rules, it will be passed to the Contest judges. Judges will score each video according to how well it meets the following goals:

Purpose of Contest

The video highlights a forest career or careers in a highly engaging and inspirational way, and excels at increasing awareness and understanding of forest careers.


Accuracy of Content

The video accurately represents forests, forestry, forest careers, and/or the wood products industry.


Clarity & Organization

The video has a clear vision and is well organized.


Creativity & Likeability

The video is extremely creative with a high degree of ingenuity and originality. It makes the viewer want to reach for the LIKE button.


Production Quality

Transitions are smooth. Sound is clear. All sound and visual elements coincide with the video's message.


The full 2023 Contest scoring Rubric may viewed and/or downloaded here:


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