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Winners Announced for Thru the Trees First Annual Video Contest


KENNEWICK, WA—"Thru the Trees” has announced the winners of its first video production competition for high school students. The event challenged students from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington to create a video highlighting the value of careers in the forest products industry.


Participating industry organizations from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington joined together to develop the contest to promote and encourage students’ consideration of careers in the forest products industry.





Video entries were judged based on (1) how well the video highlighted a forest career, (2) accuracy of the content, (3) extent of excitement and inspiration, (4) degree of ingenuity and resourcefulness, and (5) the number of references used. 


Partner organizations include: Associated Logging Contractors (Idaho), Forest Resources Association (Washington), Forests Today & Forever (Oregon), Idaho Forest Group, Idaho Forest Products Commission, Montana Logging Association, Oregon Forest Resources Institute, Oregon Logging Conference, Oregon Logging Conference Foundation, Oregon Women in Timber, Pacific Education Institute (Washington), Pacific Logging Conference (Washington), and Sustainable Forestry Initiative/Project Learning Tree (Washington DC). For more information, visit


Following this successful first year, Thru the Trees will again accept submissions from high school students during the 2021-22 academic year.