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Not Just For Schools

Although much of the focus and outreach for this contest has been to students and schools, that doesn't mean that other groups that involve young people are out of luck. If a 4-H or FFA or Forestry Club or Boys and Girls Club--or other group helping young people find a place in the world where they can be fulfilled and make a difference--want to get in on the action, we say: GO FOR IT! When it comes time to complete the forms, simply fill in the Club/Group Name and address where it asks for school and the Group Leader/Contact  where it asks for Teacher.

Note to Teachers

We are excited to have you consider including this contest in your curriculum. We would hope, however, that students who submit videos to the contest are the ones who are sincerely interested in the contest, not just fulfilling the requirements of an assignment. One option we suggest might be to have classes or sections pre-screen the videos and vote for their top choices to take the additional step of entering the contest. 

In case it might be useful, we have created a one-page information sheet about the contest that could be printed and distributed to students: Thru the Trees in One Page

A Reminder About Assistance

Please remember that adult assistance should be limited to the following:

  • being a point of contact to find a forest sector professional

  • being interviewed as a forest sector professional

  • providing verbal guidance

  • providing encouragement and support--cheerleaders always help!


A Final Note

A key aspect of this contest is to help young people learn about career opportunities in the forest sector and to make contacts that might help them in their future educational and career planning. If you know people who might be interested in being points of contact for interviews or in sponsoring the contest, please let us know!


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